DESN 338 : Principles of Interaction Design



Students examine different rhetorical frameworks that inform software user interface/experience (UI/UE) and content design. Supporting theories, such as visual rhetoric, contextual design, information architecture, gestalt, content strategy, and design ethics, are investigated. Students demonstrate their understanding of theoretical principles by creating and redesigning small UI-related deliverables and by practicing rigorous written analysis and critique.

SLO (Student Learning Objectives)



Supplemental & Not Required


Overview of baseline tools, software, and services needed for DESN 338 UX Design 1, DESN 348 UX Design 2, and DESN 458 UX Design 3. Following selections based on availability on both Mac and PC operating systems and industry trends.




The Sketch app by Bohemian Coding( will be the primary tool to create interfaces, mockups, and other high-fidelity deliverables.


The InVision service will be our prototyping tool of choice. Do the following steps for the Academic Discount.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Code: 56-73-13-19

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The primary goal of assignments are for students to incorporate design thinking into everyday life. Assignments support, and enforce modules through repetition, practice, and analysis through research (not only via Google searches) and writing.

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Scoring is based upon criteria outlined, examples, in class lectures, and quality of work as compared to other students. 1 Point to 5 Points scoring with one-half increments, e.g. 4.5 of 5 points.



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